Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Stitch in Time - rev. 1 :-)

It has been said that I write well. It has also been said that I have a good sense of humor. Hopefully this blog will bring out the best in both. I'm a graphic designer, er, embroidery digitizer by trade. The "er" was added since I've just recently changed professions and am having a hard time using this new title. My designs are more adult oriented rather than the cutesy baby embroidery things that a lot of designers have (maybe that sells better?) but I can't wrap myself around "cute". I like wine - therefore that is my main subject. Sometimes a little edgy, but different none-the-less. And, in order to promote my designs I formed a Yahoo! group called KathisKreations - catchy, huh? I needed a name quickly and my advertising person suggested and I ran with it. If I had my druthers now, I'd have called it "A Stitch in Time" like this blog...... oh well. If you want to see what the latest designs are on the webpage, go to http://garrison-grafixx.com/Embroidery.html - I update once a week with the latest designs. Well, it's time to get designing. I'll see you soon.

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