Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Concert was AWESOME!!

The CSN concert on Friday was perfect! Old songs, some new ones, everyone knew the words to the old ones so we sang too. Stills sounded a little, I can't explain it, kinda like either he lost his voice, or it was just giving out on him - anyway, Nash & Crosby carried him with the lyrics, but Steven can still strum the guitar like the pro he is. AWESOME! Weather held out and, well, can't say enough good about it.

Saturday went to visit with my Dad and his younger brother and my cousin. The whole family went and we had a good time reminiscing. My cousin is moving out to the GNW (Great North West) and his family will be following shortly. Good to have our family closer.

Sunday did some BarBQing, and I cleaned - nice day too. But, I realized that I hadn't fixed my website so hurried to do that. A nice visitor told me I had some broken links, so gave her a few free designs for helping me fix the site. See, if you see something that I need to fix, and you let me know, you get a few goodies from me. LOVE to do that because it's so missed from today's customer service.

Today it's pouring rain! Big, no HUGE, drops of rain coming down like it used to when I lived in Florida. Good time to grab a book and read or watch some Home Improvement shows on TV. I should be digitizing, but..... well, a girl needs a day off, don't ya think? I'll probably get busy this afternoon with one or two more designs. Oh, did you see the one I offered 1/2 off today? - A Perfect Man, it's called, and it's on the winethemes page. Kinda cute, if I do say so myself. Gonna post the new hiding letter on the website before I go relax. Look for it - it's the "Jokerman Capital letter C" and it's somewhere on the website. Have fun!

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