Thursday, July 29, 2010

We are what we are....

I just had a revelation.... As I'm sewing the inner pillows for my new line "Queen's Lane Home" and will be finishing them with cute fabric for a toddler's bed, I realize that these pillows COULD be used for dogs as well! Then I realized that the only reason I'm making them for a toddler is because I have a granddaughter who's 2 - and she's the light of my life.

However, before she came around, I have always had dogs, and now have 2 poodles (a standard beauty named Starr, and a mini named Jacques, who thinks he's a big dog too). I have oodles of fabric, and at one time had the intention of making dog collars and beds (hence the jars of buckles and rings and the extra bedroom that's filled with various depths of foam). The name of this company was Fififoofoo, which I thought was all that and a bag of tricks. It's a lot of friggin' work!!!!!

So, I decided that maybe Fififoofoo will become a subsidiary of Queen's Lane Home. A division of QLH will have dog stuff called "Fifi Foofoo". Whaddaya think?

So, as I'm sewing these pillow innards for my QLH collection, I realize that they could be for dogs as well. And it's all because I've had dogs, and now have a granddaughter. I wonder if I'd had cats and been an old spinster, could these pillows have been for cat beds?

Anyway, I sewed 5 pillow innards and will be doing the outsides tomorrow. Each inside has the QLH logo, embroidered (of course) in white thread on the bottom part of the case, so that there's no doubt where they came from. I wish I had the $ to have labels done. That would have been so cool.

Oh, I received my new business cards for Oregon Digital Design - however when the printer saw the design, he said the foiling part (I wanted the wine in the glass to be foil) was too close in color to the glass and I should reverse it. I hesitated, but trusted him. Now he said he made a mistake and will be reprinting them, no charge, so I'll get what I wanted. Once a designer, always a designer.....

So, after working incredibly hard to clean up the house yesterday (and it DOES look beautious today still), I spent this morning digitizing, this afternoon playing a game on the computer, and just finished the pillows. Hubby will be coming home shortly, so gotta look like I slaved all day and am exhausted....

OK, where are my bonbons!!????

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long time, no post

I've been a slacker! I just looked and it's been over a month since my last post. I've been busy with family stuff and just forgot to share with you all that's been happening. My MIL came for a 10 day visit - wasn't bad at all! At 81 she's still rarin' to go whenever we do, so we did lots of running around while she was here. So, I didn't get much sewing or digitizing done and after she left, I tried to make up for lost time and didn't blog.

I have Fibromyalgia and when I have good days, I really take advantage of it, then I crash the next day or two. On the days I crash, I try to read a good book. This last book I read was called "She Always Knew How" by Charlotte Chandler and it was about Mae West. Wow, what a lady (Mae)!! I didn't particularly like the style of writing by Ms. Chandler but it was a fast and interesting read. Her writing style was lots of Mae West quotes put into a story of sorts. I didn't realize it but I bought another book by her about Katherine Hepburn, so we'll see if it's written in the same style.

I ordered a case of flour sack towels - both the embroider/sew on and to resell. I'll go pick them up on the 4th of August and will photograph my designs stitched on them and post. I also have a pattern for an apron that will be posting on my website for purchase. Very easy to stitch up and a great base for embroidering. Add a pocket and you're all set.

On a family/personal note, my granddaughter who just turned 2 is almost potty-trained already!! Mommy got her some training pants and yesterday she said "OFF!" and demanded them to be taken off - then she ran to the bathroom and sat on the pot and peed!!! With my kids, they learned first about #2 in the potty before #1. Alix, my amazingly intelligent granddaughter, is going to do both at the same time and be a big girl. I had some books delivered to her as a reward for pottying in the potty chair and apparently she wants more because she's got this potty thing down pat!

Oh, and on another thought, JoAnn Fabric is having a sale on t-shirts: 3 for $9 and in the ad, I see pink and white shirts, perfect for the Breast Cancer embroidery group. The sizes go up to 2XL so this is a good deal. Also Guterman's thread is 40% off. And, as I read more in their ad, it looks like they're already getting ready for Fall!!! It just turned summer here - let us enjoy it for a while! But, I guess if you're making gifts for the holidays, you need to get started, and in the mood.

Speaking of in the mood, I better get going with my sewing and embroidery here. I'll try not to let a month go by without blogging.