Thursday, January 8, 2015

So sick yesterday, spent the day on the sofa.  Better today - took the dogs for our normal walk.  Today, my goal is to clear off the sewing table..........

Well, that was yesterday, and I think I'm having a relapse - did too much too soon.  I moved a box and a bit of fabric off the table, but the rest of the mess is still there. 

I picked up a sewing job this morning for an OMSI Volunteer to add something to his vest.  Small job, but I like the guy.  I think I'll try to do some vacuuming today to clean up the mess from "Twigs" (Joe's new nickname.  (Isn't that a Sarah Palin kid's name??)

Cough is back and now comes in spasms, so might have to take some medicine to keep the spasming down.

Oh well.  January, what do you expect.....

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